Disciple on the Move
Work work work… My hair is getting long again.

Work work work… My hair is getting long again.

It has finally arrived!!!

It has finally arrived!!!


The pain in my heart moves me.


I finally saved up enough to buy a desktop!!! :D Yay! T-T been working so much I’m not up to date with anyone or anything. Hoping to change that after I get my school loans out of the way! ^_^


I praise God for the financial difficulties that my family has. Being a pastors kid my family has always been poor. Despite always being low on money God always provide for us to eat. Now that my sisters are off to college my dad has to somehow help them with his super low income. I was talking with my dad today and when he was talking about finances. He started crying a little because they were low on money and had to take out the little money they had in savings. I think they’re trying to save some money to give to us after they pass away. My dad finds that very important for some reason. But I guess that’s part of his role of being a father. It makes me extremely sad to see him go through all that but I praise my God that he has provided me with a job to be able to help out. I could selfishly spend all that money on myself which I kinda have been. But with my family being in their situation I have a chance to learn to be more responsible and learn to love my family more. Tough times may come but my God always provides the strength and wisdom to overcome it. Instead of foolishly spending my money I’ll send some to my family and continue to make more money to help my family as well as making a difference in the world… I’m glad my dad didn’t discourage my dream of becoming a millionaire buwahahah! If it is God’s will. But until then I’m going to love my family with all I got before I start loving anyone else. God’s changed me so much.

My God is too awesome!

Blows my mind with his awesomess everyday. His Wisdom, Power, and Love.

Pork boiled in A1 sauce then grilled in a little sauce. T-T so delicious.

Pork boiled in A1 sauce then grilled in a little sauce. T-T so delicious.

Human Trafficking Fact #7


Every day tens of thousands of American women buy makeup. Every day tens of thousands of Indian children mine mica, which is the little sparklies in the makeup.



I was watching this show about a man named Jiro who makes the best sushi. He was talking about his life about how when he was in first grade his parents said to him “from today you have no home to come back to.” So he had to work very hard in order to live. No matter how bad he was treated by his boss he always did his best to develop his skills.


The answer that I got was this. Before you go and be a hero to the world you must become a hero to your family. Then strange dark memories started flowing back. Clues to the brokenness. The hand of darkness playing my family. With God’s help I will set things right and restore my family.